You Can Sleep With the Cars: The Ferrari Museum Is Now Listed on Airbnb


We've all dreamed of our perfect Italian vacation, spending days eating delicious food, drinking incredible wine, and basking in both the country's beauty and history. And also sleeping in a circular bed, in a dark room, surrounded by Ferraris pointed at you, of course. If that's your dream, then you're in luck because the Ferrari Museum is now listed on Airbnb.

There's a bit of a catch, though—you need to book your stay in the Ferrari Museum during the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, so your schedule better be clear in two weeks. However, it's the trip of a lifetime for any Ferrari fan.

Your stay will be hosted by Marc Gené, former F1 driver and Ferrari tester. Not only will you sleep in the museum but you'll also take hot laps with Gené at the wheel, around the iconic Fiorano race track, where Ferrari tests its cars in Maranello. Said hot laps will be done in the Ferrari 296 GTB, the 818 horsepower hybrid supercar.


While in Maranello, you'll also get to dine at Cavallino, the restaurant founded by Enzo Ferrari, and eat in the dining room where Enzo himself ate countless post-race meals. The walls are lined with historic photos of Enzo, victory celebrations, and the cars themselves. Like everything else in Maranello, Cavallino is a shrine to Ferrari.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the entire package comes on race day. You'll get VIP tickets to watch the Italian GP and even gain access to Ferrari's race paddock. For Ferrari fans, or even just F1 fans in general, that's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Let's talk about the actual sleeping arrangements, though. As cool as it sounds to sleep among Ferraris in theory, in practice it might not be so enjoyable. Not because you'll be sleeping near Ferraris but because you'll be sleeping in a room that looks plucked from a David Cronenberg film. The circular red bed, which is made from the same materials as Ferrari seats, sits in the center of a completely black room, atop a two-step-high pedestal. It's also surrounded by all of the Ferrari F1 cars from over the years, pointed downward at you while you sleep, with a giant circular light directly above you, and F1 starting lights in between each car. It's a bit frightening.

There's no official word on how much the stay costs, or if it will continue to be available after the Italian Grand Prix is over. However, customers will be able to book the room in tomorrow. If you're a true Tifoso and need to envelope yourself in all things Ferrari, this is your chance.

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