Slovenian company sets a speed record with an app-controlled Lego car

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Setting a speed record doesn't necessarily require 16 cylinders, four turbos and a closed-off track. BuWizz, a Slovenian firm that specializes in making motors for Lego cars and scaled-down trains, claims to have built the fastest detailed 1:8-scale Technic model in the world.

The project started earlier in 2021, when some of the company's executives began looking for a hypercar manufacturer to collaborate with. They struck a deal with Spania, the Spanish firm that makes the GTA Spano. Lego doesn't offer the 925-horsepower coupe, so BuWizz built it from scratch using CAD drawings sent by the company. It then stuffed 15 of its electric motors into the toy; 10 drive the rear wheels, while the other five control the steering, the doors, the rear air brake, and make the replica of the V10 engine move. This is almost like science.

Setting a speed record was easier said than done. BuWizz explained that figuring out how to get the motors to drive the rear wheels without breaking the rear gears and the CV joints was one of the biggest challenges facing its team. Another hurdle that had to be cleared was the suspension: The builders had to find a way to make it strong enough to withstand the car's weight. Remember, these are plastic bits not designed to go fast. The process is documented in an hourlong video embedded above that's conveniently split into several chapters.

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With all of the problems solved, the BuWizz team puts its Spano to the test on a race track in Velenje, Slovenia. The model (which is controlled by a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app) reached 36.5 kph, which converts to about 22.6 mph. While the record sounds like an informal one, we haven't heard of a faster 1:8-scale Lego Technic car. We've ridden mopeds that had a lower top speed than this little car.

So far, BuWizz has built two examples of the Spano: It's keeping one, and it gave the second to Spania founder Domingo Ochoa. Records are meant to be broken. We're looking forward to seeing who beats BuWizz's — and whether it's reclaimed.

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