Smiling Texas Man Steals Police Car

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Smiling Texas Man Steals Police Car
Smiling Texas Man Steals Police Car

They say everything is bigger in Texas and this Lubbock man’s smile is huge, even though he was arrested after allegedly stealing stuff at a store, then stealing a cop car. We can’t seem to figure out why this guy is so happy after all that since most booking photos feature someone looking upset or at least not amused.

Man accused of stealing his own car sues police.

What’s just as disturbing to us is how 57-year-old Kieth Kalka was able to just climb in the cop car and drive off while the officer was busy gathering his personal effects from a shopping cart. That’s’ right, according to a KCBD report, the cop who responded to a call of Kalka allegedly stealing stuff in a store gathered up the man’s personal items before even bothering to arrest him.


Apparently, Kalka immediately spotted the weakness in the officer’s harebrained plan, going for the cruiser as a quick getaway method. We’ve asked this over and over, plus we know each law enforcement agency has its own policies, but why do police so often leave their vehicle ready for just anyone to steal?

We see stories of stolen police cars way more often than most would believe. It’s a fairly common occurrence. But we’ve noticed in some bodycam footage certain departments seem to have a device that automatically locks the doors while officers carry a fob on their belt so they can get back inside but some random criminal can’t. Considering what all is in a police cruiser, that just makes sense.

And the fact this guy is smiling like the Cheshire Cat after getting caught boosting a cop car is just even more disturbing. If we were gamblers, we’d take the bet this guy is going to try stealing another police cruiser in the future after it was so easy the first time. Maybe he’s even done it before? We wouldn’t be surprised.

Image via Lubbock County Detention Center

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