Soccer Star Slashed Teammates Tires After He Tied His Shoe Laces Together

Do not prank this man. - Photo: Rudy Carezzevoli (Getty Images)
Do not prank this man. - Photo: Rudy Carezzevoli (Getty Images)

Sports stars are so kooky. With all their money and all their free time, there’s no knowing what kind of antics they might get up to in their free time. Now, it turns out they’re just pulling the kind of pranks you or I might, albeit with much bigger budgets.

Soccer ace Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior has been caught in a prank battle with teammate Renan Lodi while training in Saudi Arabia. The war started when Lodi tied Neymar’s boots together, which is obviously hilarious. However, Neymar had to take things up a notch in his response so slashed his teammates tires, according to reports from TMZ.

After tripping over his laces, the Al Hilal player headed out to the team garage, found Lodi’s white Genesis GV80 and slashed all the tires, reports Autoevolution. As the site explains:


Neymar has been sidelined for almost eight months, so Lodi’s prank involved tying the shoelaces on his trainers. In a ranking of the world’s most surprising or offensive pranks, the tying of shoelaces is at the absolute bottom. In fact, it’s a staple prank that anyone from kids to adults must’ve done at least once in their life. It’s the prank you pull when you don’t feel like racking your brain at all to come up with something better, and virtually anything else you’d come up with would be better.

Neymar’s response was to slash Lodi’s tires – all of them, based on Lodi’s post.

The whole thing played out on social media as banter between mates, with Lodi even joking that he’d be keeping an eye out for Neymar’s Rolls-Royce. There’s also video (below) of Neymar popping the front tire on Lodi’s white Genesis GV80 and a later photo showing the mid-size SUV propped up on jacks, completely wheel-less.

In the clip, Neymar is spied at the front of Lodi’s car with a knife in hand stabbing wildly at the wheel. There’s the sound of air hissing and a glint in the star’s eye as he gets revenge for tripping on his laces.

Rightly so, people online have pointed out that replacing about $800 worth of tires is a massive escalation compared with the annoyance of untying your boot laces. But I guess that’s when you get when you mess with a man who earns about $3 million every week.

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