Social media reacts to delayed contract for Texas HC Rodney Terry

Rodney Terry has yet to have been announced as the permanent head coach for the Texas Longhorns basketball program. In my opinion, he doesn’t need to be announced. This is Terry’s program. It goes without saying.

Terry piloted perhaps the best regular season in Austin since 2003. He is well on his way to the best postseason since that year. Just three times have the Longhorns reached the Final Four (1943, 1947, 2003). Nearly 20 years later, Terry and company are one win over No. 5 seed Miami away from making it back to college basketball’s biggest stage.

Never mind the positive news. College basketball media have made Terry’s perceived lack of job security a major storyline of the NCAA Tournament.


I find it hard to fathom that Texas could go with any other coach but Rodney Terry. Looking at the last few results, perhaps the only question is how much money Terry will make and for how many years.

We could certainly be wrong. In which case, I’ll be the first to call out Texas for moving on from a terrific coach. But until we have tangible proof that the Longhorns are heading in another direction, any coaching controversy talk is premature.

Here’s a look at college sports media commentary on the head coaching position.

Enough already

We agree, but there’s little evidence to suggest Texas will move in a different direction. I would be surprised if Terry is not the head coach moving forward.

Impressive feat

Let’s take this at face value and recognize what an accomplishment Terry is making over this NCAA Tournament. It is the best coaching job ever done at The University of Texas in my estimation.

Voice of reason

The contract doesn’t matter. Rodney Terry is the head coach. Waiting to sign a long-term deal and continuing the impressive run only helps Terry command more money. Getting paid like a Final Four head coach is better than getting paid like an NCAA Tournament participant.

Terry is going to get paid

Rodney Terry is betting on himself and he isn’t losing. It doesn’t look like he’s too concerned about the contract right now.

Elite company

You might recall Fisher as the head coach that recruited Michigan’s Fab Five in the 1990s. Texas fans would love to have similar success with Terry.

Can we make an announcement?

I agree with the sentiment that Texas could informally announce Terry as head coach of the future, regardless of contract negotiations. Simply stating that the Longhorns have their head coach would quiet much of the outside noise.

Deserves the job now

We’re jumping to conclusions in assuming Terry does not already have the job. He certainly deserves the position, perhaps more than any prior head coach.

Don't lose sight of the journey

When news broke that former head coach Chris Beard was arrested, I had resigned to the possibility that a successful season was out of reach. Terry steered Texas back on track. Now the Longhorns are one win from the Final Four. The 2022-23 basketball season reads like a movie script for the Longhorns. Terry will try to end on a winning note.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire