Someone Is Building A C8 Corvette-Powered Food Truck

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This is pretty crazy…

Some guys are using an old International Metro van as a food truck, which is a little unusual but not that crazy. What’s insane is the fact they’re dropping the V8 engine from a C8 Corvette into the thing, apparently creating a food truck that can get to its destination in a hurry.

See the car fire blamed on illegal fireworks here.

According to Instagram account wb.artist20, who created renderings of the project, the whole build is supposed to act as a rolling tribute to Ken Block. It features plenty of patina as well as Block’s Hoonigan logo and Number 43, as well as Monster logos.


This van should be pretty quick, but we doubt the owner is going to punch it a bunch considering all the stuff that will be loaded inside. On one side will be a kitchen and at the other will be a bar. Located mid-ship where it should be is the V8 mill.

While it’s a great idea to keep overhead costs down for your business, this move is a great piece of marketing. After all, we’re covering the build and surely many others will, so the food truck is getting all kinds of free advertising.

Once built, the owners have plans to try entering it into the Guinness World Records as the fastest food truck in existence. We imagine that category doesn’t exist, yet, but this could very well be the first.

For now, this ride is of course more of a dream than reality, but it sure looks interesting. In fact, we’d be willing to bet it’s a unique concept for a food truck, although whenever something becomes a success there are plenty of unoriginal people who will try to copy it, claiming they came up with the idea first.

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