Someone Is Selling Two Brand-New 1990s Mercedes S-Class Sedans for $300,000

From Road & Track

Apparently asking crazy money for ultra low-mileage 1990s-2000s German cars is a thing now. Earlier this week we told you about about a dealer asking $100,000 for a 494-mile 2004 M3 and $150,000 for a 309-mile 2003 M5. Now we have this, a pair of W140-generation Mercedes Benz S-Classes selling on eBay for $300,000 for both. Yes, that's as much as two brand new AMG S63s.

The pair consists of a black 1992 600SEL with 1499 miles, and a white 1994 400SE with only 277 miles. Judging by the pictures provided in the listing, the cars are virtually brand new. The seller claims both were stored in a climate controlled garage–a must, given that they're located in New York City–and pictures included appear to show the cars on lifts with covers fitted.

Of course, the fear with low mileage cars like these is that they may have deteriorated due to not being driven enough. If you bought these and planned on using them, you'd probably want to have everything thoroughly checked.

The 600SEL, a long-wheelbase model with a V12, was the cream of the Sonderklasse crop in 1992, while the 400SE, with its 4.0 liter V8, was more of a respectable mid-pack model. Our friends at Bring a Trailer report that the V12 car would have likely cost around $150,000 new, and the 400SE probably stickered for around half that.

Their condition is flawless, but the thing about the W140 is that it isn't really a collectors item. A great car, sure, but not especially rare or special. That makes the seller's $300,000 asking price for the pair a little, uh, optimistic.

The prices of the M3 and M5 we saw earlier this week are fairly ridiculous too, but you can kind of understand the premium. Those cars, in like-new condition could very well be valuable collector's items some day. A pair of regular production S-Classes from the early 1990s probably won't be collector's items ever. Though we still love them as symbols of Mercedes-Benz's stodgy 1990s dominance.

via Bring a Trailer