Someone's Selling a Messed up Civic in the Wrong Nashville, Y'all

Someone's Selling a Messed up Civic in the Wrong Nashville, Y'all photo
Someone's Selling a Messed up Civic in the Wrong Nashville, Y'all photo

Typically, when you're buying a Honda Civic, it has two rows of seats and a complete chassis. Typically, when you're heading to Nashville, you're bound for Tennessee. For one crazy advert on Facebook Marketplace, though, neither of those things is true.

As per the sale listing, this 2000 Honda Civic is known as "The Thing." It's located in Nashville, Arkansas, so don't expect to visit Dollywood on your way home from picking it up. The car has been chopped at the B pillar, with the whole rear half removed. At the back, two rear wheels sit on the vehicle's centerline, giving the car a reverse-trike layout.

"Messy" would be the best way to describe the build. The back wheels are mounted to a messy subframe cobbled together out of rusty steel components. Crude mudflaps sit above the wheels, mounted in entirely the wrong spot to actually catch any spray or debris. There's a tiny fuel cell stacked on top of this whole assembly, subbing in for the Civic's original gas tank which is long gone. Inside, the Civic is remarkably stock, but it's quite dirty and worn.

It's not exactly clear why the Civic underwent this transformation. Some chop jobs aim to remove the car's roof to make a better hunting platform, or to enjoy the benefits of the sun. In the case of The Thing, though, there's no such utility, but it still compromises comfort as the back of the cabin is now open to the elements. We'd be a little worried about exhaust blowing back into the passenger area, too.


According to the owner, The Thing was once apparently a daily driver in this form. We're told that it still runs, drives, and stops. However, the owner advises it be trailered to its future home given its current state. That's probably good advice, given that several welds have cracked and are in need of repair. If you're in the area, though, the owner is willing to deliver after purchase.

In news that will surprise nobody, the owner has thus far struggled to sell the car. A previous buyer dropped out after driving the car and deciding it was "to [sic] swirly for them"—those are the owner's words, not ours.

It's currently listed at $800, which isn't a whole lot of scratch. With that said, you could probably buy a dodgy yet complete Civic for similar money, if you've got time to look around.

On balance, we could see The Thing as a great bachelor's party gift. Chip in, buy it for the groom, and if he can make it to the wedding in this, it's clearly meant to be.

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