Sorry Hellcats, This Impala SS Gave Chase In The 1990s

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Thanks to a reader tip, we discovered a stolen Chevy Impala SS that put up a heck of a police chase!

We all love a good car chase - we're not promoting it, but if it happens, we'll stop and watch the video on YouTube. Of course, in today's world of fire-breathing Hellcats and drag strip dominators, it gets pretty easy to say that our generation stands the most chance out of any to see some crazy police chase shenanigans. However, we oftentimes like to forget that Dodge and the aforementioned Hellcat name did not invent the concept of the fast car. This is best exemplified by today's example of how one 17-year-old runaway from California managed to fend off multiple cops in a high-speed chase that would shake even the most experienced reporters and cops alike.


The Vehicle in question appears to be a Chevrolet Impala SS, most likely made between the production years of 1994 and 1996. This would mean that under the hood should have sat the second-generation Chevy LT1 small-block, more than likely with a 2-bolt main as only the Corvettes of the time came with the 4-bolt. This cold-blooded American V8 was capable of pushing out over 300 horsepower and 330 ft/lbs of torque. While 300 horsepower was no slouch it does beg the question of how the driver was able to achieve speeds of over 150 mph, evade a team trained police chasers, and a helicopter.

For over 30 minutes this chase went on without even so much as a minor mistake from the driver. Unfortunately, this vicious vehicle couldn't stay in motion forever and the cops were able to stop the Impala with the use of two separate “stop strips”. It should be said that this was a stolen car and we do not condone any type of theft, especially that of vehicles. However, the driver has displayed an intense level of skill, this is pushed even further by the knowledge that the chase took place almost 20 years ago. and were glad that no one was harmed

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