Wait, Why Don't They Just Go Down Backwards?

Recently, a video has been going around Twitter showing what appears to be a Honda Crosstour doing an absolutely insanely complicated U-turn on a narrow hill. In order to get the car turned around, the driver had to hang the rear wheels off the side of the road. It definitely showed off some seriously impressive driving skills, but it also appeared to be completely unnecessary and likely caused damage to the car.

Interestingly, the hill in the video reminded us of an earlier article that we published featuring a video that showed a Wuling-badged Baojun 360 performing a similar but not nearly as insane U-turn on what appeared to be the same hill. That can’t be a coincidence, right? So what’s up with that hill? What reason could there possibly be for multiple people to feel the need to do insane U-turns on a hill? Surely, they could have either turned around at the top or simply reversed their way down?

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The driving expert demonstrates the very narrow road U-turn skills

After doing a little light digging, we can tell you it’s almost definitely not a coincidence, but the reason people do those crazy U-turns on the hill isn’t that they need to. It’s because they’re chasing the views.

The channel that posted the above video isn’t trying to keep that a secret, either. The description for the DrivingSkill YouTube channel literally says, “This is a channel about extreme car driving. A group of car driving enthusiasts from the mountains of Southwest China will show you the driving skills on the mountain roads. If you are interested in our videos, subscribe to our channel.”

Incredible Driving Skills: U-turning on the edge of a cliff

Yet again, something crazy was posted on the internet to get people to click on it. If you were hoping there was some more elaborate explanation behind these risky U-turns, we’re sorry to disappoint. But at the same time, it’s not like the videos are completely fake. The drivers do appear to be incredibly skilled, and they really are making those U-turns. They’re just not regular people doing this kind of stuff on a daily basis to get their groceries or something.

Interestingly, though, the Honda Crosstour does not appear on the YouTube channel. It’s hard to imagine someone else using the same hill to demonstrate the exact same kind of driving skills, but we can’t be 100 percent certain that it’s the same channel.

Maybe it was first uploaded on another social media platform. Maybe it was deleted and replaced with a very similar video. We tried to find the original source of the Honda video, but we still haven’t been able to. And since the viral video Twitter account wasn’t kind enough to cite its source, that was no help either. But after reviewing the DrivingSkill channel’s videos, we can at least confidently say no normal person is doing this to their Crosstour. It’s just an incredibly talented driver showing off on YouTube, and you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

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