Sorry, Swifties. The Eras Tour won’t be streaming on Hulu, source says

One Swiftie has taken to TikTok to share her theory about a programming block on a popular streaming service.

Ginnie (@thethriftyswiftie), who has more than 151,000 followers on TikTok, recently shared screenshots of “something very suspicious” on Hulu.

‘Could this be what I think it might be?’

“Swifties, something very suspicious is going on and it’s good news,” she says. “Someone DM’d me and told me to go to Hulu and search ‘The Eras Tour’ so I did it. This is what comes up: Taylor Swift, The Eras Tour live with commercials and it’s locked. Could this be what I think it might be?”

Ginnie then suggests that it’s possible fans may be able to stream The Eras Tour live on Hulu.


“When we saw how much demand there was for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert, a ton of us asked for a way to watch this if we hadn’t gotten tickets,” she says, referring to the infamous Ticketmaster mishap. “Or even just for a way to watch all of the shows out there that we may not have gotten tickets to even if we are going to one of the shows.”

Ginnie asks, “Is Taylor actually going to create a way that all of her fans are going to be able to watch all of her tour? Like, we can all just stream it on Hulu?”

Ginnie posted a follow-up video the next morning, during which she clarified her speculation. With several screenshots, she explains that it appears Hulu is airing five episodes “with hits from all her eras,” in an effort to get fans excited for the upcoming tour.

“This would mean that she’s not necessarily letting us watch The Eras Tour live, but they also could add more episodes to this. So there could be more content upcoming,” she says. “I would love a docuseries about her re-recording process. This could be that.”

Unfortunately for Swifties, it seems The Eras Tour won’t be available to stream on Hulu anytime soon.

As per a source close to Hulu, this is, in fact, “an hour-long programming block celebrating some of Taylor Swift’s best loved music videos curated by Vevo for Vevo Pop on Hulu + Live TV.”

Ginnie isn’t the only Swiftie to speculate about this — others have posted their theories on TikTok surrounding the formerly cryptic Hulu programming block. For now, however, it looks like live streaming The Eras Tour is more wishful thinking than anything else.

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