It Sounds Like the Acura NSX Will Return as an EV

Photo credit: JAMES LIPMAN
Photo credit: JAMES LIPMAN

The current Acura NSX is just about done for. The company launched a farewell trim called the Type S back in 2021, limited to just 300 units in the United States. It sold out in just 24 hours, marking the end for the second-gen Honda supercar. According to one executive at speaking with Nikki Asia, we could see the NSX name revived yet again.

Acura boss Jon Ikeda declined to confirm whether a third-generation NSX is on the way when asked by Nikki Asia during a recent interview. What he did tell the publication is that "I would bet on it [returning]." He added that if it does come back, "it's going to be [all-]electric."

It might sound strange to bring back the iconic nameplate so soon, though there is solid logic behind the decision. From Nikki Asia:

[Production] recently wrapped up with the end of a limited-edition run of NSX Type-S models. And, at least officially, Acura says it has no plan to bring the sports car back. No official plan, but company officials tell another story on background, noting that a third-generation NSX would be the perfect platform to highlight the brand's shift from internal combustion to battery-electric propulsion.

A new halo car would fit well at the top of Honda's new $40-billion plan to go fully electric by 2040. The company recently made a deal to develop EVs alongside GM, with the first fruits of that agreement set to arrive in 2024 in the form of the Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX.

It's not clear exactly when this rumored all-electric NSX would make its debut, though Nikki Asia suggests it could arrive sometime in 2026, right when Honda is set to launch its new EV architecture.

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