Specialty Auto Auction Is Selling Some Great Convertibles Next Weekend

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Which classic are you bringing home?

This 1962 Mercury Monterey might look like nothing more than a massive classic luxury car on the outside but on the inside, you might see more of a muscle car than anything else. In the case of this particular example, a 390 cubic-inch V8 engine featuring a four-barrel carburetor design sits under the hood making more than enough torque and horsepower to get any job done. Just think about how iconic this vehicle would look making its way down a dragstrip.

Speaking of classic cars that are a lot faster than they look, it’s hard not to include this 1964 Pontiac Bonneville on such a list. Pedestrians walking around your vehicle will see a sharp-looking classic luxury cruiser with a sweet convertible top but you’ll know exactly what you’re driving when you step on the gas. Spinning the rear tires of this automobile is a 421 in.³ V8 engine. That monster of a powerhouse is certainly known for its large displacement and apt performance capabilities.

Now for a true hot rod, a 1932 Ford with a body that makes no if, ands, or buts about what kind of car it started its life as. Without a doubt, this is an iconic-looking design for any automobile from that era but it works particularly well with this car as it sports a 454 cubic-inch big block V-8 engine under the bed. Overall, all three of these cars have one thing in common, massive V-8 engines which is exactly why you should consider adding them to your automotive collection.

To see more great cars for sale and to learn more about bidding live at the auction on May 13th at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley, Colorado, visit


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Bidding is also available on if you cannot be in Greeley.

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