All the Spoilers on What Went Down During the 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion

Welp, the Vanderpump Rules reunion special filmed last night and judging from the seating chart alone the situation was completely unhinged:

So...what happened? According to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss "took time to sit and talk after filming. They chatted over what happened on set and how they felt. It was a rough day but they are happy they were able to show the cast their side of things."

Er...curious about what "their side of things" could possibly be, but okay!


Meanwhile, Andy updated fans on Instagram Stories, saying "Well, that was really confrontational. It was really emotional. Nothing was left unsaid. And, I got some new merch to go along with my TomTom sweatshirt from Raquel. Check it out."

On top of that, Page Six reports that Raquel had Andy Cohen serve Scheana Shay with papers that—according to Scheana's attorney—"have no legal meaning."

“Rachel had Andy ‘serve’ Scheana with a document during the reunion, but the papers have no legal meaning,” attorney Naema Rahmani said. "It was a request to dismiss a complaint or a civil lawsuit, but Rachel had requested a permanent restraining order, which is something completely different. There is no way for Rachel to ‘drop’ the temporary restraining order before next week’s hearing. This is California law and even on the court’s website."

She added, "This was just another public relations stunt by Rachel and her team. If Rachel really wanted to make this go away, she would come out and publicly say the ‘punch’ never happened and she is sorry for all the harm she caused Scheana, Ariana, and her other friends.”

Sounds like the reunion is going to be completely off the wall. Can't wait!

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