Stenhouse Slapped With $75,000 Fine for His NASCAR Fight With Kyle Busch

ricky stenhouse jr punches kyle busch
NASCAR Slaps Stenhouse With $75,000 Fine for FightNASCAR on Fox / YouTube

2023 Daytona 500 winner Ricky Stenhouse Jr. has been fined $75,000 by NASCAR for what the series calls a violation of the NASCAR Member Code. The fine comes in response to a fight with Kyle Busch that occurred after last Sunday's All-Star Race.

The confrontation came in response to a crash just two laps into the race. Stenhouse pushed Busch three-wide for position early, angering Busch and leading him to retaliate with a hit that both parties seem to agree was intended to intentionally wreck Stenhouse.

That left Stenhouse stuck in an infield with no exits for the next 198 laps of the race. After the race ended, he waited around to confront Busch; words were exchanged, then Stenhouse threw a big punch at Busch, and then, even more words were exchanged.

In the end, Stenhouse paid $75,000 for the swing he took at Busch before the two were separated. Along with the fine, Stenhouse's father has been indefinitely suspended from the series for participating in the fight. Two crew members, a mechanic and an engine tuner, have been handed suspensions of eight and four races respectively.


Stenhouse suggested during the fight that he would "wreck" Busch in the upcoming race at the larger and faster Charlotte Motor Speedway. That threat has since been rescinded on another driver's podcast — a decision Stenhouse coincidentally made around the same time that Busch's 78-year-old employer Richard Childress threatened to fight Stenhouse himself if the rivalry continued into next week.

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