NASCAR Truck Racers Stewart Friesen and Nick Sanchez Get Into Physical Fight in Pits After Bristol

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NASCAR Truck Drivers Fight Post Race at BristolMeg Oliphant - Getty Images

After the conclusion of Saturday night's truck race, Stewart Friesen went to Nick Sanchez to express his frustrations with their on-track incident during the Weather Guard Truck Race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Friesen approached Sanchez at his truck after the race to talk with the driver; the conversation ended with Friesen grabbing Sanchez by the back of the neck and attempting to punch him before being pulled away by officials.

This is the second time that a veteran driver has come to blows with the 22-year-old Sanchez. Last October, Matt Crafton and Sanchez traded punches after a playoff race at Talladega International Speedway. Sanchez left the fight with a broken nose, and his dad was suspended for two races for jumping in. October's altercation ended with a $25,000 fine for Crafton and $5,000 for Sanchez. There are not expected to be any major fines or penalties from today's altercation, as it ended before any real harm could be done.

Late in the final stage, Sanchez had a run on the outside when Friesen moved up the track, squeezing the driver of the No. 2 into the wall. The contact sent Friesen spinning, bringing out the race's final caution with 32 laps remaining.


In the video of the pit row altercation, you can hear Friesen telling Sanchez that "He could've waited for one F***ing corner," showing that Friesen thought that Sanchez' run was premature. While Sanchez's reaction can not be heard, it clearly hit a nerve as Friesen then launched at the driver.