Stolen Acura Drives Off Embankment And All Hell Breaks Loose

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Stolen Acura Drives Off Embankment And All Hell Breaks Loose
Stolen Acura Drives Off Embankment And All Hell Breaks Loose

Cops deal with so much on the job, including situations that can go from crazy to absolutely bonkers in a split second. On top of that, far too many people seem to be predisposed to blame the actions of criminals on the police as if the lawbreakers themselves have zero autonomy. That’s just the situation police in Caldwell, New Jersey faced after a guy in a stolen Acura MDX drove off an embankment and hit an apartment building below.

Watch a fleeing suspect brake check a cop with disastrous consequences.

Police were able to track the general location of the crossover thanks to Sirius XM pinging. Officers cornered the stolen vehicle on a dead end but the suspect started ramming vehicles to get away. During the desperate attempt to flee, the guy crashed through a fence and the vehicle plunged off the embankment.

After flipping the car and hitting a building, the suspect was able to climb out and run away into the woods. That right there proves how far roof integrity has come in modern vehicles. Unfortunately, the residents of the apartment complex don’t seem to appreciate that or the fact police didn’t push the stolen crossover off the embankment.


While you can hear shouting in the background foreshadowing what’s coming, officers find a second suspect lying on the ground underneath the wreckage. Police arrest her.

Complicating the whole situation further, the Acura landed on and looks to have damaged a transformer. Yet people try poking around the wreckage and seem confused or even offended when officers tell them to get back.

Where things get really crazy is when two screaming women show up demanding to know what happened where their daughter/sister is. It turns out they’re the mother and sister of the girl cops found dazed and confused under the wreckage.

It sounds like the girl was picked up by some “friends” in the stolen Acura, only the mother/sister didn’t know it was stolen, so they freak out and demand police let the girl go. It’s understandable why anyone would be upset to see their loved one handcuffed in the back of a police car, but thinking that gives you the right to demand they be let go is… interesting.

While they calm down for a bit, for reasons unexplained these women and some other people in the crowd become convinced someone is inside the stolen Acura still. And they don’t seem to understand why the damaged transformer is a big deal as they mill around it screaming about hearing someone inside the vehicle. The officers do a great job of staying calm and de-escalating the situation, again.

Even though this incident happened on New Years Day of 2023, this footage was just uploaded to YouTube, giving everyone a closer look at how the situation unfolded. It’s long but provides quite the insight into how people treat police officers in emotionally explosive situations.

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