Stolen Canadian Backhoe Used To Vandalize Numerous Cars

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Stolen Canadian Backhoe Used To Vandalize Numerous Cars
Stolen Canadian Backhoe Used To Vandalize Numerous Cars

We’ve noticed a disturbing trend starting to emerge in North America of criminals stealing construction equipment to use for nefarious purposes. The latest example is a backhoe stolen in Darthmouth, Canada in the middle of the night while damaging numerous parked cars.

The Jedi have really let themselves go.

That’s right, someone decided to steal and drive a backhoe a little over a down residential streets, mangling several cars, then just ditched the heavy equipment and disappeared into the night. We’ve been told these types of machines are shockingly easy to steal especially since the keys are often left inside them and that seems like a really bad idea.


Per the CBC report on the incident, a police spokesman said “multiple vehicles… had been heavily damaged” and there are a couple of photos to prove it. Apparently people asleep in the homes were awakened by their cars getting crunched by the heavy equipment, which reportedly had a snowplow attachment that’s perfect for pushing vehicles out of the way.

Just what kind of person does something like this? Either someone had a beef with the entire neighborhood and so decided to get even in one fell swoop or this is a person who just wants to watch the world burn. Both scenarios are scary but the latter of the two is obviously the most concerning.

Police have been investigating the incident and hopefully find the lunatic responsible. In the meantime people have to go through the pain of making an insurance claim on a hit and run incident with a backhoe. Just try explaining that one to the insurance adjuster as they try twisting it to somehow be your fault. Even with a police report in hand, dealing with an insurance claim can be worse than the accident itself.

Images via CBC