Stolen Car Goes Flying Over Virginia Freeway

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Stolen Car Goes Flying Over Virginia Freeway
Stolen Car Goes Flying Over Virginia Freeway

Every once in a while footage of some distracted driver careening off a highway overpass or a wrecker’s tilted bed drops and everyone marvels at how such a thing could happen. Recently in Fair Oaks, Virginia a stolen car loaded with five people went flying off a freeway while fleeing from police. But that was far from the end of the bizarre story.

California police have busted a street takeover kingpin.

Originally, the owner of that vehicle, who lives in Manassas, started it up on the morning of February 15 and left it idling to warm up. Instead of sticking around in the cold, like so many others this person decided to go inside.


While we understand why people warm their cars before driving away, leaving it running unattended is an open invitation to thieves. After the owner reported it stole, a plate reader got a hit at Fair Oaks Mall. As officers combed the area, the driver saw them and took off.

A short while later we see the footage we’ve shared of that car splitting the difference between the main highway and an off-ramp, careening through a green area before launching into the air and landing on another freeway below.

That car looks like it basically exploded and all five people inside were injured, two with life-threatening injuries. Police found drugs and guns in the car.

Normally, a story like this would end with the suspects recovering, getting charged for the theft and stuff found in the car, and that’s about it. Instead, one of the men who was in the hospital decided he didn’t want to face any consequences, so he stole an ambulance while in a hospital gown and with an IV in his arm.

To the shock of nobody, local station ABC7 says 32-year-old Rickey Lowe has a long criminal history. Sadly, a lot of career criminals think the only way to get ahead is to lie, cheat, steal, and otherwise break the law.

ABC7 uncovered that Lowe should have been incarcerated, but in 2023 he was released after getting charged with felony gun and drug charges. Prosecutors objected to his release, so it sounds like the judge was the one who decided to let him off the hook.

Lowe’s still on the run and the ironic part is he apparently wasn’t facing any charges related to the car theft and crash.

Images via YouTube, ABC7

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