Stolen Cars Driven Through Dealerships’ Glass Doors

Stolen Cars Driven Through Dealerships’ Glass Doors
Stolen Cars Driven Through Dealerships’ Glass Doors

Locals are dumbfounded by the brazen crime.

Police in the area of Syracuse, New York are dealing with the aftermath of two dealerships getting burglarized in quite the destructive fashion. It’s believed the same suspects hit a Lexus and Dodge dealers, driving cars from the showroom through the front doors. A spokesman for Cicero police says it’s likely hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage was done to both dealerships.

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While authorities in Cicero are perplexed by the brazen crimes, we’ve seen this sort of thing in other parts of the country. Thieves have driven through large windows as well as showroom doors, using the cars they’re stealing as battering rams.

Unsurprisingly, these vehicles weren’t kept but instead were later dumped, reports local station ABC 9. The factory GPS trackers weren’t tampered with, so finding them was easy. This all points to the crime being one of kids having fun by joyriding in expensive new vehicles. It’s likely these kids have stolen other vehicles in the past, either to joyride or to sell.


Sometimes, these types of heists are used as practice runs. The juveniles are often outfitted and instructed by adult criminals who are part of theft rings. The organized crime is usually spread around the globe and has a hand in more than just car theft, sometimes dabbling in drug and human trafficking, shoplifting, and other property crimes.

But there’s still the possibility this was done by kids acting alone who just wanted to have some destructive fun. None of that changes the extreme damages the owner of these two dealerships must repair.

With the Cicero Police Department and Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office investigating, hopefully those responsible for these crimes are caught soon. On the other end of the equation, we hope the prosecutor and judge don’t let the criminals off too easy because that’s lately been sending a message that trashing businesses and stealing stuff isn’t a big deal.