Stolen Heirloom 1962 Chevy Impala Found

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This is wonderful news!

A 1962 Chevrolet Impala which was stolen out of a storage building in Guthrie, Oklahoma has been found. Far too often, car thefts, especially of classic models, has a horrific or inconclusive ending. But in this case the family heirloom was found and it sounds like in one piece.

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The family that was victimized by thieves had their storage building was cleaned out by thieves, we assume recently but the local news story doesn’t say. Police in Oklahoma City found the Impala, although details about how and where weren’t available.


We bet the owners of the classic car are ecstatic. The Chevy belonged to the late patriarch of the family and was stolen near the anniversary of the man’s passing. Over the years, it was a central part of the family’s history as it was used for weekly date nights and lovingly cared for. Then some thieves decided they needed it more.

While the family was of course concerned about the other property stolen, it was the Impala they wanted back the most. Thankfully they got their wish because not everyone is so lucky. We’ve covered far too many stolen vehicle stories where the rides were either never found or later turned up in pieces.

If you have a classic car in storage on your property, it might be a good idea to beef up security. Upgrading locks, adding cameras, motion sensors, and additional lights are all good moves. You can use a steering wheel lock, although those can be defeated with relative ease. Even better, consider installing a kill switch. Hiding GPS trackers in the vehicle, even just some Apple AirTags, help finding it in the event someone steals it much easier.

Source and image: News 9

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