Stolen Jaguar Takes UK Police On Wild Chase

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Are Jags the British equivalent to the Charger?

A report from the BBC details out what sounds like quite the police chase involving an allegedly stolen Jaguar in Essex, UK on April 23. The whole thing started when Essex Police said they tried stopping what they believed to be a stolen black Jaguar (sorry, they didn’t specify what model, but we’d love to think it was an F-Type) as it traveled down the freeway towards Southend.

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Of course, the driver of the Jaguar decided to put the car to the test and give police a run for their money. During the chase the Jag hit the median but wasn’t damaged too badly, and so it was able to slip onto surface streets in Essex where things got really interesting.


The report says several police cars were damaged in the pursuit, plus multiple pedestrians were almost plowed over as the Jaguar wove through city streets. The pursuit hit speeds upwards of 100 mph, which might not sound horribly fast but if that was on narrow, winding city roads that’s enough to make anyone sweat. Honestly, the report sounds like a chase scene from a movie, although we doubt the driver had the kinds of skills on display in films like Ronin. After all, he was caught.

After causing all kinds of mayhem in the city, the driver got back on the A127 towards London as The Metropolitan Police Service joined in on the chase. Eventually, the Jaguar lost its wheel on the front passenger-side, as well as the tire on the front driver’s wheel, reminding us of the old Christmas carol. Even though those probably weren’t drive wheels, it’s kind of hard to steer when you’re missing one front wheel and one front tire, so police were able to take the 45-year-old driver into custody and held him on theft of a motor vehicle, dangerous driving, failing to stop and failing to provide a breath test.

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