Stolen Kia Chase Is Fiery But Mostly Peaceful

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Stolen Kia Chase Is Fiery But Mostly Peaceful
Stolen Kia Chase Is Fiery But Mostly Peaceful

Even if you don’t know the Kia Boyz by name you’re familiar with their work. Originating from Milwaukee, they’re credited with starting the TikTok Kia/Hyundai trend where they show other kids how to steal cars using a USB charging cable. That little stunt has led to quite a few stolen Korean cars lacking engine immobilizers, like this red Kia Sportage.

Watch an Arkansas trooper wreck out pitting a Mustang at 117 mph.

Police in West Allis, a much more peaceful suburb of Milwaukee, noticed the crossover and immediately identified it as stolen. While one unit calmly follows behind, officers probably had a good sense that the situation could escalate into a high-speed chase. Still, they probably weren’t prepared for the fiery conclusion.


As one might imagine, a Kia Sportage isn’t the most high-performance vehicle on the road. Sure, the non-car people might be fooled by the name, but they handle like a first-time figure skater and accelerate like a dog running on a tile floor covered with marbles.

That’s to say the lead police unit has absolutely no problem keeping up even as the Kia Boyz run stop signs, traffic lights, and in general act like their lives are the only ones that matter. The driver is obviously getting trained as you can hear the cop in the passenger seat yelling out commands and corrections.

The rookie cop gets his baptism by fire in this chase as the poor little Kia grocery getter starts smoking. It might be from getting pushed like it’s the racecar it most definitely isn’t or from some damage in a small collision with another car.

Either way, the kids in the Kia bail and try running away, but the long arm of the law has quite the reach and they were caught.

Image via Bodycam Raw Wisconsin/YouTube

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