Stolen Kia Crashes Near Disneyland

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Stolen Kia Crashes Near Disneyland
Stolen Kia Crashes Near Disneyland

Car theft is a big problem in a lot of areas, but Southern California has had it particularly bad for some time now. It’s so pervasive that you might feel the effects while visiting Disneyland, the place where everything is happy, expensive, and full of long lines. Local news stations covered a stolen Kia that crashed into an innocent motorist near the theme park.

Guy runs from police so hard he hits a train.

An officer initially tried pulling over the suspect but he ran, with the chase of the stolen Kia beginning in Lakewood with Los Angeles County deputies also in pursuit. The suspect eventually ended up in Anaheim by the mouse’s house, blew through an intersection, and T-boned the Dodge at what we’d guess was a high speed judging by the massive damage.

In a bizarre twist, the driver of the stolen Kia slammed into a Dodge Charger driver who wasn’t running from police or reportedly doing anything illegal. Yeah, we know Charger drivers have a reputation for a reason, but this proves they’re not all criminals.


Sadly, the Mopar driver was trapped and had to be extricated by the fire department, then carted off to the hospital. The suspect who was in the Kia appeared to have been hurt as well, with OnScene TV capturing him bloodied and rolling around on the ground outside the stolen car while crying.

We know police chases can be a controversial topic with some people claiming if police wouldn’t chase suspects accidents like this wouldn’t happen. Local reports say law enforcement was following at a distance with a helicopter tracking the suspect, so even with that cushion he still drove like a maniac.

We’ve seen pursuits called off only for a suspect to crash not too long after. It’s almost like criminals will drive fast and recklessly to get police in some jurisdictions to back off, so these policies could in fact encourage the lawless behavior. That said, we also understand the need to safeguard innocent civilians, so situations like this are most definitely concerning.

We can’t embed the OnScene TV footage since it’s age restricted on YouTube. Just a fair warning, it does show blood, but if you still want to see it check it out here.

Images via OnScene TV

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