Stolen Race Car And Truck Recovered In Portland

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Finally a happy ending!

A race car, the trailer it was inside, and the truck hitched up to it were all stolen from a neighborhood in southwest Portland, Oregon on the morning of May 13. Thankfully, they were recovered that afternoon. We cover way too many thefts of rare vehicles, including racecars, that either have no resolution or end in tragedy that it’s nice to see one that’s resolved quickly and favorably.

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The vehicle in question is a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX with modifications for racing. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office was telling people to be on the lookout for the while dual-axle trailer which had “SURGELINE” printed down the sides since that would particularly stand out. Considering the truck was just a black 2001 Ford F-250 extended cab, well that would sadly just fade into the background.


The sheriff’s office didn’t include any information how or where the vehicles were located, only that they were found in Portland somewhere.

If you or someone you know races either professionally or as a hobby, you need to be aware that thieves have been targeting race trailers for some time. It’s always best to park them in secured locations overnight if at all possible and to take other precautions.

We’re not going to counsel owners whether they should get an alarm for their trailer, upgrade the locks, etc. but will say those aren’t bad things to research. We will, however, say it’s a great idea to plant multiple trackers on your racecar, trailer, and the tow vehicle just in case thieves are successful at swiping them.

One would think with how distinct and unique race trailers and racecars are thieves would stay away from them, but sadly that’s not the case. Just like with other valuable vehicles, you need to take steps to secure them better.

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