Stolen, Stripped Plymouth Satellite Returns To The Track

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This is a story of triumph…

Having your beloved racecar stolen hits even harder than just a daily driver being swiped. Finding it later stripped is even more devastating. That’s the scenario Stewart Addley was facing back in 2021 when his beloved 1965 Plymouth Satellite went missing from a storage facility. But he has triumphantly returned to the drag strip with his car, something which should be counted as miraculous.

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As detailed out by CTV News, it was in November 2021 when the Plymouth Satellite and the trailer it was stored inside disappeared in London, Ontario. Police and Addley had zero luck finding any clues about its whereabouts or who took them.


You might have seen Addley’s story on Facebook, which he used effectively to spread awareness of his stolen drag racer. Still, nobody came forward with information. It was as if the classic Mopar had just dematerialized.

After attending a meeting for St. Thomas Raceway Park, a friend of Addley’s said he would ask around about the Satellite. Probably thinking it would be another dead end, It instead hit paydirt. The friend called within two and a half hours with news the Plymouth was found. However, it had been stripped down to the frame, with some of the parts that were still piled up obviously damaged. Even worse, the car wasn’t insured, so rebuilding it was going to be expensive.

That’s when the local racing community jumped in and helped Addley with rebuilding his racer. We’ve seen these types of situations over and over, showing that gearheads are in fact quite generous with one another and through charitable outreaches.

Not even two years after finding the mangled remains of his car, Addley had it back on the track. While he said it still needed some fine tuning, its return to racing was nothing short of a miracle.

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