Stolen Truck Crashes At Carl’s Jr Drive-Thru

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Stolen Truck Crashes At Carl’s Jr Drive-Thru
Stolen Truck Crashes At Carl’s Jr Drive-Thru

We know some people get super angry when they’re hungry, but some guy in Eugene, Oregon took things a little too far. The guy crashed a stolen Chevy Silverado at a Carl’s Jr drive-thru, earning himself a stay at the local PD bed and breakfast.

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The whole bizarre incident went down just after 6 pm on March 22 when police, who had been searching for the truck, spotted it in a retail parking lot. According to KEZI, the plan was to get close to it without activating their cruisers’ emergency lights, thus not spooking the suspect behind wheel.


However, as many criminals are, 46-year-old Jeremy James Acree was a bit jittery so once he saw cop cars, lights or not lights, he took off. Police say he was driving recklessly, constituting a danger to the public. We’re sure someone will blame the cops for that.

While police were chasing Acree they tried forcing him to stop but he slipped away. That’s when he headed towards the Carl’s Jr. drive-thru, then right over an embankment, hanging up the front end of the pickup.

Like we’ve seen too many times, Acree didn’t know when to give up. He jumped out of the wrecked stolen truck and ran away on foot. Maybe he thought all cops eat too many donuts and can’t sprint, but they did catch up to him, placing the man under arrest.

Not only did the guy pick up charges for Unauthorized Use Vehicle, Reckless Endangering, Hit and Run, plus Elude Vehicle, he apparently faces quite a few charges from other law enforcement agencies. Sounds like he’s been a busy boy.

We love stories like this, partly because the suspect was caught, partly because no innocent bystanders were hurt, and partly because it shows that car theft isn’t some harmless crime.

Image via KEZI

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