Stolen Vehicle Triggers New York House Explosion

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Stolen Vehicle Triggers New York House Explosion
Stolen Vehicle Triggers New York House Explosion

This is absolutely horrifying.

We can’t believe how often we see stories of cars crashing into homes lately, especially stolen vehicles. It happened yet again, this time in Oneida, New York but with a twist. Instead of just a gaping hole in a family’s home, the crash triggered a massive explosion that was caught on bodycam footage.

See the damage a catapulted car engine did to a house here.

It’s actually more shocking this doesn’t happen more often after cars crash through houses, and for that we’re rather grateful. After all, just dealing with a gaping hole in the side of your house is an expense and stress most people can probably barely handle. But having your home blown apart afterwards is awful.

Fortunately, local news station WYSR is reporting there are zero fatalities in the aftermath of the explosion, which was triggered at about six in the morning on September 9. The actual crash took place at about three in the morning, severing a gas line, which leaked undetected for three hours before igniting as fire crews assessed the damage.


First responders evacuated three homes in the area and severed utilities as they assessed the damage further. Aerial footage shared by WYSR shows the home was flattened, with nothing left standing in the aftermath of the violent explosion.

In the midst of the debris of the house is a small crossover with extensive front-end damage, which we’re assuming is the stolen vehicle that was crashed. Reportedly, it was being driven by a juvenile at the time of the collision. Sadly, we see more stories about kids stealing cars than most people would care to believe, so this isn’t shocking.

This explosion is a stark reminder of how serious the car theft problem is these days.