Streamer PewDiePie sets precedent for gamers with 3,000 hours of content playing on a loop: 'Infinite money glitch'

Felix Kjellberg, the Swedish YouTuber who goes by “PewDiePie” online, is known throughout the world for being one of the most-followed and highest-earning content creators on the platform. And now, after a long hiatus, it appears he’s back — and raising the bar even higher.

After years of inactivity on his Twitch account, the popular gamer is not only back on the app, but he’s also launched an innovative new feature. His new stream is called “PewDiePie Infinity,” which is programmed to play every single one of his videos on a never-ending loop.

As gaming insiders are now pointing out, it’s poised to be a pretty lucrative deal, considering PewDiePie has amassed over 4,000 videos and more than 3,000 hours of content for people to tune in to at any point in the day.

As soon as news of the new venture hit Twitter, gamers started weighing in on their thoughts.


“Love the idea but needs to be its own category on twitch,” one person tweeted. “I can see a lot of people doing the same and have my feed flooded with ‘infinity content’ when I want ‘LIVE’ streams. Someone can accidentally think that its a live stream and not a rebrodacast.”

Others couldn’t help but marvel at how much the content creator will be raking in.

“If he streams 24/7 doesnt he also get insane ad revenue?” one person asked. “i dont really know how that works but the more hours u stream the more ad rev u get right?”

“I would imagine so yes, seems like he’s averaging between 2-5k viewers at all times as well so it’ll definitely add up,” someone replied.

According to Seth Fowler, a YouTube consultant and Director of Content for NRG Esports, this could set a new trend for other similar content creators.

“I can imagine this might end up being something that is used more often by creators with massive backlogs of content,” Fowler tweeted after hearing the news. “As the overheads are very limited and it’s very passive.”

That said, Fowler later clarified that PewDiePie himself has since referred to the new infinite loop stream as something of a trial run to see how things go.

“He has confirmed in the chat that this is acting as a test and that he will officially announce the channel at a later date,” Fowler tweeted. “It also appears that the chat/stream is manned by active mods at all times.”

According to Ginx, PewDiePie is the “undisputed king of YouTube.” He first rose to fame after producing his popular series of “Let’s Play” videos and comical gaming commentary that earned him a loyal fanbase pretty quickly. As his image grows, the YouTuber has ventured into producing vlogs, entertainment videos and even a scripted web show known as “Scare PewDiePie,” which has since been canceled.

His meteoric rise slowed down a few years ago when he announced he’d be “soft retiring” to focus on his personal life. But with 111 million subscribers on YouTube and another 1.3 million on Twitch, it’s safe to say that his return is a popular one.

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