Street Racers Discover Common Sense The Hard Way

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This will put his street racing days on hold for a while.

As car enthusiasts, we have all been given a less than desirable reputation of being willing to endanger the lives of others with our cars for the sake of having fun. Whether it's some bozo going off about climate change or a politician who watched Fast & Furious one too many times, people like to talk smack about our communities without ever taking the time to research. It's not like these rumors are entirely manufactured by Hollywood, but it is a reputation that we good car people need to shed. The best way to do so would honestly be to keep our racing on the track, but some need more convincing than pointing out the dangerous aspect. Here is one example that points to why you shouldn't race on the street.


The incident occurred with two late-model American performance cars with a hunger for burnt rubber and high octane race gas. In the left lane sat a fifth-generation Camaro with a yellow and black two-tone running across the top of the car. This is an exciting color combination, but it's not the car you need to pay attention to. Instead, it is the four-door early 2000s GM racer, which has been called an SS in some articles but looks more like a GXP or G8 to our eyes. These cars, and their drivers, were out for blood in a brutal way as the driver of the Australian-inspired mystery sedan was obviously out of his league.

Things seemed fine for the Camaro as he launched with a bit of wheel spin, but the same could not be said for the Pontiac. As the four-door took off down the road, the back tires broke loose, which would have been fine for any skilled driver, but this guy apparently forgot how to lift his foot off the gas pedal. We're sure you can see where this is going. He drove his car into a local industrial shop, possibly a farm fence, where the front fascia was ripped off, totaling the car. Not only did he cause some significant property damage to a local business owner, but he also lost his car in the process.

Once again, racing is fantastic. It's a beautiful skill to have and a ton of fun to improve and tune your car. However, street racing is a different story as it can often get people killed whether they were involved or not. We would like to see the car up and running again to figure out who would indeed win if the Camaro and sedan raced again but this time, let's do it on a track.

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