Street Takeover Clown Gets Pantsed By A Ford Mustang

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Street Takeover Clown Gets Pantsed By A Ford Mustang
Street Takeover Clown Gets Pantsed By A Ford Mustang

Attending an illegal street takeover is pretty embarrassing, something we think these kids as they grow up will come to realize. Not only are the gatherings dumb with all the antics and everyone trying to get pics and video of the stupidity to post on their social media accounts, these events are dangerous.

Pedestrians who are attempting to get the best video footage possible often stand by the cars doing donuts, burnouts, and drifts in street intersections and parking lots. They’re not exactly the sharpest sticks in the bundle, with plenty of videos of these geniuses getting hit by the cars, sometimes suffering some brutal injuries.


But in this case the danger and embarrassment combine into a video that’s almost unbelievable. One of these guys who’s standing next to a Ford Mustang doing a burnout gets a little too close. The giant pony knocks him over and before he can get up it’s over him.

That’s when the rear tire rolls over the guy, pulling his pants down. While the crowd goes wild and everyone moves in to get a shot of his bare rear, the Mustang victim at least doesn’t appear to have been physically injured. His ego and reputation on the other hand are likely decimated.

As someone noted, the pony didn’t even buy him dinner before that display of dominance. And his “buddies” along with everyone else in the crowd were there to jeer and mock him as he was trying desperately to pull up his pants.

We’ve seen people get seriously injured, wreck their car, even get shot at street takeovers only for the crowd to keep filming with their phones while laughing and mocking. It’s like something out of a dystopian sci-fi novel, yet this is our modern reality.

Check out the video for yourself, but be warned it’s NSFW.

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