Street Takeover Cybertruck Takes Out The Crowd

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Street Takeover Cybertruck Takes Out The Crowd
Street Takeover Cybertruck Takes Out The Crowd

Even though the Tesla Cybertruck has only been out for a little bit and in limited quantities, we’ve already seen one involved in a street takeover incident. The industrial fridge-looking appliance on wheels literally plowed into the crowd at one of these dumb events recently and we have the video footage to prove it.

This might be the very first case of Cybertruck theft.

That video, uploaded to Instagram, shows the driver trying unsuccessfully to do donuts in the weird-looking all-electric pickup truck. We say “trying” because he’s not able to actually pull it off.


Like in so many other takeover events, the driver’s buddies are hanging out the windows, you know to act as stupid as possible. We’ve seen people seriously injured and hospitalized from these idiotic stunts, but the kids keep doing them like they’re immortal.

Anyway, the driver is reversing in a circle, burning absolutely zero rubber, all in stark silence other than the noise being made by the crowd. The driver, being not very good at driving, reverses right into the crowd, bowling a few people over with that big slab of stainless steel.

People have been panicking about pedestrian safety when it comes to the Cybertruck. In this case it doesn’t appear anyone was seriously injured, but we can’t imagine being slapped by a metal monolith would be all that comfortable or fun.

After that happens, the crowd goes wild. These takeover dorks love when people get hurt, cars crash, and any other chaos unfolds. The psychological state of people who attend street takeovers is weird, maybe akin to the Joker or at least similar.

That’s when guys rush out into the middle of the circle made by the crowd, trying to get their closeup of the carnage. Why they think they won’t get mowed down next is a question we can’t answer. It’s like asking why people run with the bulls in Spain. We definitely don’t get the appeal.

Watch the video for yourself.

Image via 773davo/Instagram

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