Street Takeover Fools Show They Can’t Drive

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Street Takeover Fools Show They Can’t Drive
Street Takeover Fools Show They Can’t Drive

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: street takeover people aren’t car enthusiasts. They would often like to be called enthusiasts, but they know little about their vehicle and they certainly don’t know how to drive. That’s made painfully clear in this video of a Mustang and Camaro crashing while doing donuts at some takeover event.

Watch Georgia police take down some street takeover dorks.

Some people will try to say this wasn’t a takeover because it’s in a parking lot, not in the street. We don’t like splitting hairs. You can call this a sideshow instead if you like, but we can almost guarantee it’s still an illegal event. And it’s stupid.


First off, one kid is hanging out of the passenger window of the Camaro. Why do people do this? For cheap thrills? It’s ridiculous, dangerous, and looks stupid. But we see this loser behavior at takeovers constantly and it’s plastered all over social media so other dumb kids follow the bad example.

As the Camaro is drifting around, the driver, being not any good at drifting and we’ll bet driving too, goes right into the crowd with his back end. We’ve seen this over and over and over at takeover events.

Sometimes the people watching in the crowd are seriously injured or killed. Don’t let your kids participate in this nonsense.

As the Camaro driver tries figuring out what to do (the decent thing would be to get out and make sure nobody’s injured, but he doesn’t do that) the Mustang comes into frame drifting its back end right into the Camaro’s front end.

These are the idiots who try to act like they’re big gearheads and expert drifters. All they are is fools through and through.

The takeover crowd isn’t car enthusiasts. And they suck at driving.

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