Stylists reveal 8 jacket trends that are in and 6 that are out this year

woman wearing an orange robe and a person wearing a blue puffer coat
Robes as jackets are on the rise, and puffer coast are fading in popularity.Hrecheniuk Oleksii/Shutterstock; Elena Rostunova/Shuttershock
  • Insider asked three stylists to share which jacket trends are in and out this year

  • Coats with built-in scarves are new to the scene, and they're both practical and stylish.

  • On the other hand, stylists said biker jackets and shackets are fading in popularity. 

Robes and sleepwear as outerwear are as chic as it gets.

person wearing white workout set with a orange robe over it
Robes can be layered as a fun jacket over casual or dressy outfits.Hrecheniuk Oleksii/Shutterstock

A robe-style jacket over a dress or denim is perfect for a night out and a surefire way to get noticed, according to Rachel Newman, fashion stylist and wardrobe curator.

"Seeing this on the runway was a little nostalgic for when we quarantined and couldn't leave the house, but the sexy factor served as a celebration that now we are working toward a new normal," she told Insider.


Another outerwear option is to wear robes as swimsuit cover-ups.

Vests can be worn all year round due to their adaptable nature.

person wearing a beige vest over a white t shirt and a baseball cap on the side of a road
A vest works well in transitional seasons, like spring.Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock

Vests, also known as gilets or body warmers, are another jacket trend this year, according to celebrity wardrobe stylist Pilar Scratch. The sleeveless jacket is typically worn as a layering piece, providing extra warmth.

The stylist explained the benefits of being able to wear them in any season, as they offer a number of options in terms of styling and layering.

Nostalgic tweed-and-feather jackets are having a moment.

person wearing black tweed jacket with jeans and silver ballet flats
Some tweed jackets have feathers at the cuffs, but there are more subtle ways to follow the trend, too.Sabelnikova Olga/Shutterstock

The 1990s nostalgia of "Clueless" comes to mind when thinking of the resurgence of tweed and feathers.

"It's one of my favorite jacket looks this season," Scratch told Insider.

The stylist also said the trend is a great way to transition an outfit from winter to spring.

Jackets with built-in scarves are both practical and stylish.

person wearing beige coat with beige scarf and beige hat
Some wool coats and warmer jackets have built-in scarves attached.Alones/Shutterstock

Scarf jackets are a relatively new trend on the scene this year, according to Zadrian Smith, celebrity fashion stylist and global fashion director at Zadrian + Sarah.

The trend is both practical and stylish — the built-in scarf gives the jacket a contemporary look that's quite eye-catching.

Fringe jackets are a great way to tie trendy Western elements into your wardrobe.

street style
You can go fun or subtle with a fringe jacket.Alena Vezza/Shutterstock

Newman said another trend you'll be seeing more of this year is fringe, which can instantly take a look to the next level.

"Pared back to a simple, one-toned base makes for an outfit that is sophisticated, but also has personality," the stylist told Insider.

Leather trench coats will always be in style.

bella hadid plaid and oversized leather coat
A leather trench is a particularly good jacket option during the transition to spring.Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

Scratch said one jacket trend that's not going anywhere is the leather trench.

"Leather trench jackets will forever be a fashion staple — any season, in any year," she told Insider.

They provide a chic and fashion-forward look no matter what you're wearing underneath.

Quilted jackets are here to stay.

woman wearing quilted jacket and a plaid scarf and an orange hat
Quilted jackets can come in long and short varieties in a variety of materials.Eugenia Lytvyn/Shutterstock

According to Newman, you can also expect to continue to see quilted jackets.

"Quilted jackets provide a polished look, and patterns can also offer a youthful look at the same time," she told Insider.

It's a piece that can also easily transition from day to night — layer a quilted jacket over a dress, denim, or even trousers.

"The oversized look is really chic too," the stylist added.

Solid-color jackets are trending.

woman wearing cobalt blue blazer with a polka dot dress and white heels
Whether it be on blazers or trenches, solid colors are in.Creative Lab/Shutterstock

For those who want to stand out and make a statement, solid- and bold-colored jackets are all the rage this year.

"It's the pop of color everyone needs in their wardrobe," Scratch told Insider.

On the other hand, puffer jackets are officially on their way out.

red x over person wearing blue puffer jacket with red flannel and yellow plaid pants
Puffer coats, especially cropped varieties, were popular as of late.Elena Rostunova/Shuttershock

"Puffer jackets are chic for ski trips and running to the grocery store," Scratch told Insider. "However, for a fashionista to wear this during fashion week is a big no-go."

When looking for a replacement this year, consider swapping out knit puffers for tweed jackets and hooded puffers for solid-color trenches.

Plastic-looking PVC jackets are heading out of style.

red x over person wearing silver shiny plasticy jacket over denim jacket and white shirt
The plastic material was popular in a number of jacket styles.Creative Lab/Shutterstock

The "wet" look of the PVC jacket was loved for some time, but it's time to move on, according to Smith. With the fashion industry trying to reduce waste, PVC jackets contain too much plastic to be sustainable, he explained.

If you're still into the wet look, opt for a vintage or second-hand option instead.

Put away your biker jacket this year.

red x over person wearing motorcycle leather jacket with purple sweatshirt and jeans
Different types of leather jackets are always coming in and out of style.Alones/Shutterstock

As always, trends swing in roundabouts, and this year, Smith recommends moving biker jackets to the back of the closet until they come back in style.

Until then, the stylist said you can get your fix from longline leather coats instead.

The "shacket" is another trend that needs a break.

red x over a pink plaid shacket someone is wearing while walking down the street
Shackets are jackets that look like shirts.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

"Shackets are a trend that have definitely been polarizing," Smith told Insider. "People either love them or hate them."

Though the shirt-like jackets are versatile, there are many other options the stylist recommends instead.

"Opt for a long maxi coat for longevity and for an investment in a wardrobe staple," Smith said.

The teddy coat is not the look for 2023.

red x over woman's purple teddy coat
Fluffy teddy coats in a variety of cuts have been popular for the last few years.Creative Lab/Shutterstock

The teddy coat — a plush, fuzzy-looking jacket typically made of faux fur — is officially on its way out this year. It's been around for quite a few seasons, but it's time to move on from the trend, according to both Smith and Scratch.

But other fur and faux-fur jackets will replace them, Scratch added.

Bomber jackets are being replaced by other styles.

red x over person wearing gold fur bomber jacket
Bomber jackets come in and out of style every few years.andersphoto/Shutterstock

"The bomber-jacket trend has been hanging on by a thread for the last few seasons," Scratch told Insider. "And I'm happy to say, they're finally out."

The stylist recommended replacing bomber looks with vests this year.

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