Subaru Is Exploring Its Options For the Next WRX STI

Photo credit: Subaru
Photo credit: Subaru
  • Subaru says the the next-generation WRX STI, with an internal combustion engine, will not use the updated WRX platform.

  • Subaru also says that it’s looking at electrification and electric vehicle trends.

  • Subaru’s battery-electric Solterra goes on sale this year.

The Subaru WRX STI sits atop Subaru’s lineup like a boxer-powered crown. The legendary WRX STI has historically shared its bones with the Impreza WRX (now just called WRX), though with performance differentiators that pushed the WRX STI into a league of its own—a gap that grew wider when the WRX STI continued using older technology as the WRX moved onto new powertrains. And now, according to a statement made by the automaker, the difference between WRX and STI is about to become a full-blown divide as the STI is preparing to move to a completely separate platform from its more affordable stablemate.