The Subaru Sport Mobility Concept Is a Driver-Centric Boxy Coupe

subaru sports mobility concept tokyo 2023 auto salon
The Subaru Sport Mobility Concept Arrives in TokyoSubaru

Following last week’s teaser drop, Subaru fully revealed its new Sport Mobility Concept on Wednesday at the 2023 Tokyo Mobility Show. While the SVX-inspired coupe appears to be more of a design project than a hint at an upcoming model, there’s still plenty we can learn about Subaru’s sportier EV intentions.

Subaru says the design and layout of the Sport Mobility Concept is entirely driver-centric, with a focus on packaging and good visibility. While Subaru hasn’t shared any details about the electric powertrain hiding beneath the bodywork, it did confirm that the concept features an all-wheel-drive layout. That should come as no surprise from the brand that made its name on rally stages the world over. There are some other hints towards the brand’s racing heritage as well, including the rally pod-esque center headlights, as well as the boxed fenders front and rear. Those fenders actually channel air through them, aiding in efficiency in cutting through the air. A similar air channel cuts through the front bumper, exiting out of a large hood vent. Cameras replace the side mirrors with similar aerodynamic intentions.

subaru sports mobility concept tokyo 2023 auto salon

The bodywork of the concept is very restrained, with the automaker stating it purposely reduced the number of character lines throughout the design. The designers specifically wanted the car to look like it could cut through the air, while providing owners a sense of safety and security. The details help give the design some character, including the exposed carbon accents, hexagonal wheel covers, and unique LED lighting front and rear.


While we probably won’t see this exact design find its way to the assembly floor, aspects of the design are sure to be incorporated into Subaru’s future EVs. Here’s hoping the brand’s first electric sports car also draws a bit of inspiration from last year’s STI E-RA sports racer concept.

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