New Subaru WRX Is The Fastest Car To Lap Team O'Neil's Rally Course

Screenshot: Team O’Neil
Screenshot: Team O’Neil

When we first drove the new Subaru WRX, it proved more competent than inspiring. It felt like you could push it hard, but it wasn’t really a car begging to be pushed. Then again, we’re also amateurs who drove it in the rain on tight northern California backroads. How does it do in the hands of Team O’Neil’s rally instructor, Wyatt Knox, though? Thankfully, Knox recently got his hands on a new Subaru WRX to answer one very important question: will it rally?

Oh, yes. It’ll rally. In fact, it ended up laying down the fastest lap on the rally course that the Team O’Neil YouTube channel has ever recorded. Knox uses his own stopwatch to time each run, so you could argue his times might be off by a tick or two, but it doesn’t really matter. In the end, the new WRX ran a 1:50.60, more than two seconds faster than the second-quickest vehicle on the list, the Can-Am Maverick side-by-side. It was also more than four seconds quicker than the much-more-powerful Ford Bronco Raptor.

That was also just one run. Toward the end of the video, Knox claimed he thought a few more laps could cut even more time off his runs. And thankfully, he didn’t leave us hanging. In Team O’Neil’s latest video, he’s back in the Subaru WRX and ready to beat his own course record. It’s not a particularly long course, so there are only so many opportunities to shave time, and yet, he managed to do it.


Just how quick was his fastest lap time, though? To get the answer to that, you’ll have to watch the video below and find out for yourself. Odds are, it’s more time than you would probably think.

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