Summer House: Martha's Vineyard stars Jasmine and Silas Cooper talk 'pressure' of being married

Jasmine and Silas Cooper are ready for the glare of the spotlight. Gibson Johns interviews the couple at the center of Bravo's latest series, "Summer House: Martha's Vineyard" about jumping head-first into the world of reality TV with a bunch of their friends, feeling the scrutiny from their housemates this season and how being married affects some of their closest friendships. They also discuss comparisons between "Martha's Vineyard" and the original "Summer House," how their experience differs from Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula's, what fans can expect from their show and much more.

Video Transcript

- For so long on "Summer House," we had kind of Kyle and Amanda in your situation, which is like, again, being that central couple that is the connective tissue. And because of that, any issues that they have had were kind of intensified or put under the spotlight more just because of, kind of, being in that position. So I'm wondering if you felt that during your trip? And sort of, did that make you guys nervous at all, sort of, being again that primary couple this time?

- You know, you wouldn't think anything would change because it's still Jasmine and Silas from the year before that hosted you guys. And we had none of these problems. But I think having that like married right next to you, I think just sort of changes that dynamic.


- That marital expectation.

- It's the expectation, right? And it's like, I think part of it is fun that they're celebrating with us and they're there to see us through this journey. But another part of it is like the pressure of like feeling like you have to uphold this institution, right?

And it's kind of like the I versus-- I versus the we, right? I just want to have a good time and be with the woman I love. The we says, like, oh, we have to exhibit what married couples do, right?

- And I see a lot of my friends who are single. And they do want love, whatever it looks like for them. And it-- for me, especially, you know, understanding that I am one of the first of all my friends to get married, yeah, I feel like how we are dynamic could influence or make or break them even wanting to still be married.