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Super Bowl LVII Car Ads: What We Know So FarGeneral Motors
  • At $7 million for a 30-second spot, this year's Super Bowl commercials are an expensive proposition all right.

  • That's why GM brought in Will Ferrell to introduce the idea that you're about to see GM EVs all over Netflix shows, but only where it makes sense, so no Bolts in Bridgerton.

  • Kia, Jeep, and Ram will also have commercials in the big game.

According to Adweek, a 30-second commercial on this year's Super Bowl television broadcast costs $7 million. At least three automakers have previewed some ads they believe are worth the money. Here's what we know about the Super Bowl LVII car commercials appearing on Fox when the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs play Sunday evening.

GM + Will Ferrell + Netflix

First up, an ad that's about as meta as they come. Will Ferrell plays himself as a spokesperson for GM and Netflix about the streaming giant's promise to use more of GM's electric vehicles in upcoming shows. A commercial about other commercials, in other words, ones that aren't supposed to look like commercials but are now being explicitly called out. GM calls it "Giving EVs the Stage They Deserve."

Ferrell's time-tested humor keeps things light, even when he's being bitten by a zombie from Army of the Dead or kidnapped like the characters in Squid Game. We also see him plopped into scenes from Bridgerton, Stranger Things, and Queer Eye. He jokes that it wouldn't make sense to introduce EVs into some of these shows, but at least Queer Eye is guaranteed to feature a GM EV onscreen sometime in the next year: a GMC Hummer EV pickup, to be precise. Netflix also announced that Love Is Blind will include a Chevrolet Bolt EUV and that Unstable will show a Cadillac Lyriq.

Stellantis Buys Time for Ram and Jeep

Ram is revealing its new electric pickup truck during the big game, with a spot in the fourth quarter called "Premature Electrification" showing the new Ram 1500 Rev and taking shots at other electric trucks.

A Jeep ad called "Electric Boogie" will air during the second quarter and highlights the brand's 4xe plug-in hybrid models. Stellantis did not air any commercials in last year's game.

Kia's Binky-Emoji Mystery

Kia started off with this bizarre teaser, and at that point we only knew that it had something to do with forgetting babies.

kia teaser

Today, the automaker dropped the full commercial.


The spot will be Kia America's 14th Super Bowl commercial, following the story of a robot dog in love with the EV6 last year. Kia is concurrently trying to get some of that sweet, sweet online engagement through a petition on The reason for this astroturfed grassroots effort? To demand a Binky emoji.

No, seriously, a major automaker is spending millions of dollars trying to get a pacifier added to the emoji keyboard. It's like the Ford truck emoji thing but sillier. As of this writing, the petition already has 385 signatures.

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