‘My Super Sweet 16’ star is all grown-up and going viral for her famous birthday meltdown

A woman named Audrey (@audrey_flockaflame) appears to be reliving one of her most embarrassing life moments on TikTok right now, and people cannot seem to get enough of it.

According to Paramount+, Audrey Reyes was only 14 years old when she appeared on MTV’s hit reality series My Super Sweet 16 in the summer of 2007. The episode, which kicked off Season 5, focused on the teen’s upcoming quinceañera and the fanfare surrounding it, including a car her parents had planned to surprise her with.

But in the clip that’s now viral, Audrey’s mom hands her the keys to her brand new Lexus and unknowingly triggers a tantrum of epic proportions.

“No! What the hell; I didn’t want my car now!” Audrey yells at her mom while a crowd of friends and other onlookers stand around awkwardly.


Seconds later, she angrily storms off and tells the camera operator that while she did want a new car, she didn’t want this particular one — and she definitely didn’t want it delivered until the day of her party when everyone could fawn over it with her.

Then, while breaking down in tears, Audrey calls her mom an “idiot” and accuses her of “ruining the whole party” by giving her the car early.

“She wanted the car, but she didn’t want it today,” her mother calmly tells a producer. “She wanted it on the day of the party.”

Later, her mother apologizes to the car dealer who dropped the Lexus off and says she needs to return the car for now because she “ruined everything” by giving it to her daughter early.

“I f***ing hate her!” Audrey says towards the end of the clip through sobs. Then she storms out of view again, declaring that “the party’s off!”

The viral clip shows how Audrey later took back everything and went through with the party in the end — only to be seen bossing around her friends on the big day and acting like a teenage tyrant.

“My mum would run be over,” one commenter wrote after watching the video.

“she was the worrrssst omg,” added another.

“where she at now!!!” someone else asked. “i need to know.”

Days later, Audrey responded with a TikTok of her own, which shows her all grown up and looking pretty stunned by her former behavior.

“POV: When your sweet 16 video goes viral on TikTok 16 years later,” the video text reads. Seconds later, an audio sound plays in the background: “Um, excuse me, what the actual f***?”

Once her response video started going viral as well, Audrey’s post was flooded with comments.

“Not sure I’d admit this was me lol,” one person wrote.

“Apologize to your mom rn,” another demanded.

“Please tell me you grew and as individual,” said someone else.

While Audrey doesn’t give an update on her life right now, it’s clear that people are very interested.

“Can you do a video about how your life has changed & where you are now after the super sweet quince show aired?” one person asked in the comments.

In her reply, Audrey admitted that she was still debating whether or not to do this.

Based on her TikToks, however, it appears that she’s happily married and still enjoys throwing a good party.

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