Superformance GT40s Go Head To Head

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Which of these custom GT40s does the custom Supercar thing best?

Modern day custom classic car building has become a wild industry full of enthusiasts doing some truly incredible work on their vehicles. One such automobile that makes the car community jump for joy pretty much every time they see a tastefully modified example is the Ford GT40. Unlike other vintage supercars, this Ford was made to put the pompous Italians in their place with performance that came from an American enthusiast brand.

Watch Adam Corolla check out Ken Miles' GT40 here.

Two shining examples of this search for Ford Supercar greatness are a twin-turbo Ecoboost GT40 and a wide-bodied Coyote One. Both built by Superformance Hillbank but it’s not exactly like the two are exactly the same. In fact, one of these cars was built to emulate the newer models with an Ecoboost that makes somewhere around 600 horsepower. Maybe the V6 isn’t for everyone but it definitely works on this car and that’s all that matters.


Under the hood of its competitor is a Coyote V8 engine which has been known to make a lot of power with minimal modifications in the past. Usually a cam and some ported heads are all you need to make some really wicked power and this engine is a great example of just that. On top of that the wide body kit makes traction a huge advantage for the super custom. With all of that in mind, which one do you like best?

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