Survey Finds Majority of Drivers Want In-Car Parking Information and Payment Options

Photo:  Christopher Mark Juhn/Anadolu Agency (Getty Images)
Photo: Christopher Mark Juhn/Anadolu Agency (Getty Images)

A recent global survey has found that drivers want their vehicle to tell them where parking is available near their destination, as well as the ability to pay for parking from their vehicle. The latest Connected Features Interest Survey Report, carried out by TechInsights, came to this conclusion after surveying 4,990 drivers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and China. Respondents were asked to rank 28 connected car features.

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The survey found that in-car parking information was the most or the second-most desirable feature for cars in every region surveyed. The ability to know the availability of parking ranked first in China, second in Europe and second in the United States. Despite being second in Europe and the U.S., in-car parking information trailed live traffic information by less than four percentage points in each region. While a popular feature across all generations, vehicle connectivity is most popular with the youngest 18-24 demographic, where it ranked first globally.

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In-car payment options also showed to be a popular feature in new cars. The ability to pay for parking, fuel, tolls and food was desired by 56 percent of survey respondents. Car-related payments, especially for parking, can generally be inconvenient and frustrating. Many parking garages rely on a system where drivers have to keep a paper slip to make their payments. A slip that I have lost countless times — while I can book a flight and board an aircraft without a physical ticket.

The survey’s results highlight how trendy features, like social media integration or in-car games, are far less desirable than features directly related to applicable to driving. While automakers engage in a technological arms race to develop the first truly self-driving car, drivers want more realistic features to make the current driving experience more seamless.

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