Suspect Ditches Arkansas Police But Leaves His Unlocked Phone Behind

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Suspect Ditches Arkansas Police But Leaves His Unlocked Phone Behind
Suspect Ditches Arkansas Police But Leaves His Unlocked Phone Behind

There are some truly dumb criminals out there. But this guy who ran from Arkansas State Police, crashed his ride, then took off on foot while leaving his unlocked phone in the driver’s seat is one of the most hilarious examples we’ve seen in some time.

Suspect willingly shows police his dashcam footage of a high-speed police chase.

The guy caught a trooper’s attention initially by slowing way down and turning to look at him, clearly showing he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. After the trooper followed the Ford Explorer off the highway, the suspect doubled the speed limit on the off-ramp, providing a solid reason for a traffic stop.


It gets even better: when the trooper ran the plates, the SUV came back as uninsured. What the trooper didn’t know at the time was that the driver apparently had a suspended license, plus a firearm and drugs in the car, possibly intending to distribute them.

So it seems this suspect had every reason to run, even if he was driving not the most ideal vehicle for the task. The chase was pretty short-lived before the trooper just pitted the Ford out and into a ditch.

We’re guessing the Explorer wasn’t in the driver’s name – that isn’t in the police report provided by Police Pursuits. It would make sense why the guy took off on foot, likely believing if he was able to slip away into the night he would face zero consequences.

But once the trooper found the unlocked phone sitting on the driver’s seat, he was able to use information on that to see where the suspect was going, then talk to another party and confirm who the guy was, even getting his Instagram account where even more evidence was readily available.

Running from police is dumb, but leaving your unlocked phone behind just compounds your stupid decision.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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