Suspect Fleeing Police PITs Himself

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Suspect Fleeing Police PITs Himself
Suspect Fleeing Police PITs Himself

Some suspects sure know how to drive to make pitting them or performing any other tactical vehicle intervention (TVI) difficult if not impossible. Then there’s this guy out of Atlanta who did the work for police, pitting himself after taking officers on a wild chase.

Watch a brutal high-speed PIT on a truck.

After shooting up a car parked at a gas station pump, the guy in this Jeep Grand Cherokee drove past the scene of the crime, we assume to admire his handiwork. That was a dumb mistake because police were waiting for him and quickly locked on, attempting to pull the SUV over. But this guy decided he wasn’t going to go down without a fight.


This also is the first police pursuit we can remember seeing that started in a McDonald’s drive through. It’s actually surprising that’s not more common, especially with how people behave in these dual-lane setups.

After letting the female passenger jump out, the shooting suspect starts driving even crazier. We’ve seen some suspects get really reckless, but this guy really pushes the limits of the Jeep and his faith in the future movements of other drivers. Quite frankly it’s a miracle he didn’t wreck out multiple times.

The hilarious part comes as the lead officer starts getting close to the Grand Cherokee’s passenger-side flank on a straightaway. This suspect is so focused on swerving around to keep the cop from pitting him that he swerves into the front end of the police vehicle and PITs himself. We don’t remember seeing anything like this before, it’s just so unbelievable.

Would you know it, the Jeep spun out and hit a power pole, breaking it and smashing up the SUV badly. But by far the most horrific thing is when police approach and see there are three young kids inside the Grand Cherokee. Who takes children on a police chase? No wonder the female passenger seemed so upset after this guy drove away, she probably was screaming to let her get the kids, too.

Just as maddening, the suspect apparently has been arrested 37 times before and is a convicted felon. He was hit with a long list of charges. The big question is how quickly will he be released from custody and will almost certainly reoffend?

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