Suspect Pushes Stolen Dodge Challenger To 150 MPH On Detroit Freeway

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Suspect Pushes Stolen Dodge Challenger To 150 MPH On Detroit Freeway
Suspect Pushes Stolen Dodge Challenger To 150 MPH On Detroit Freeway

Modern muscle cars can hit tremendous speeds, as clearly illustrated by a suspect who pushed a stolen Dodge Challenger to 150 mph while running from police in Detroit. Even modern grocery getters can hit speeds that not too long ago were only achievable by performance rides.

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Michigan State Police used a helicopter to track the suspect, not wanting to have ground units try keeping up with the pace. Even without police cars right behind him, the suspect pushed the envelope, weaving around slower traffic and almost causing multiple accidents.


The chase, which went down on the night of May 2, started when Detroit officers tried pulling over the stolen Mopar muscle car. A trooper from MSP overheard the radio chatter and joined in the pursuit, says Fox 2.

Eventually, the chase wound up on westbound I-96. That’s when the guy decided to really open things up, hitting 130 mph to gap his pursuers. Eventually he pushed the Dodge to 150 mph as you can hear in the video.

At those speeds, the likelihood a collision would be fatal is pretty high. But this suspect somehow things risking not only his life but the lives of everyone on the interstate is acceptable. This is why we don’t want to glamorize this type of activity since it’s ultimately selfish and reckless.

What became the suspect’s downfall was that eye in the sky. He exited the interstate eventually, took several turns, and tried hiding out in a neighborhood. But the helicopter tracked all his movements, directing cruisers on the ground to his location.

One of the units spun the Challenger out and the suspect ditched the car, preferring his legs for a change. But police were faster.

This guy is lucky he didn’t kill anyone or cause an accident with serious injuries. Fleeing from police already comes with enough tough criminal charges, but hurting or killing someone makes it all so much worse.

Image via Fox 2 Detroit/YouTube

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