Suspect Throws Spear Through Texas Woman’s Windshield

Suspect Throws Spear Through Texas Woman’s Windshield
Suspect Throws Spear Through Texas Woman’s Windshield

Thankfully she lived to tell the story!

A woman in San Antonio, Texas somehow escaped harm when someone threw a five-foot-long spear through the windshield of her car as she was driving the night of August 20. People are shocked and amazed at this story because it’s just bizarre.

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In an interview with local news station KSAT, the woman claims the spear throwing wasn’t the result of some road rage incident. Even if it were, this story would be incredibly weird. But the fact she was just driving in the city and someone threw a spear through her windshield at random is in many ways more disturbing.

The spear entered the passenger-side edge of the windshield and was angled right at the driver. Thankfully, the rather sizable metal blade at the end lodged into the back of the steering wheel. According to the woman, it didn’t damage anything, including the airbag, which is quite remarkable considering how many electronics are housed in that area.


Even more importantly, the steering wheel blocked the spear from lodging in the driver. Had the spear been thrown just a split second sooner, we would be covering a very gruesome and possibly fatal attack.

To think there’s someone in San Antonio who just threw a spear into a random car, obviously aiming for the driver, is concerning. The safety glass will stop a lot of projectiles, but it obviously was no match for the spear.

Things are getting pretty crazy on a lot of public roads, but this is the first spear attack we’ve ever seen. Hopefully this isn’t the start of some bizarre trend but instead remains an isolated case because we don’t want to cover any more car spearing cases anywhere.