Suspects Break Into Car Dealership, Steal Nothing

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Suspects Break Into Car Dealership, Steal Nothing
Suspects Break Into Car Dealership, Steal Nothing

We see car dealership burglaries all the time. In fact, they’ve become so common it’s just something we expect constantly. But this might be the first time we’ve seen some would-be thieves break into a dealership, pass up cars worth over $100,000 each, then leave emptyhanded. It’s a bizarre crime which has people wondering.

A crabbing Dodge Charger has completely freaked people out.

The break-in, which happened overnight at Kalidy Kia in Edmond, Oklahoma sure seems bizarre. The dealership has a massive showroom that looks like an airplane hangar. In it are Ferraris, Bentleys, Dodge Challengers/Chargers, Corvettes, and other highly desirable rides we see swiped in dealership burglaries all the time.


But as reported by KOCO, these would-be thieves just walked past all that. Some of the cars’ keys were just sitting out in the open, from the sound of it, and the suspects didn’t even stop to check out which rides they unlocked.

Surveillance footage shows them go into the manager’s area and root around. But they didn’t even touch the keys in there. Were they looking for a specific vehicle’s key and couldn’t find it? Or were they after something else?

Just as bizarre, one of the suspects shot a key storage box at point blank range. Did they believe the key they were looking for was in there or were they just frustrated at that point?

As weird as this case is, we find it disturbing that this Kia dealership, just like other dealers, seems to have lax security when it comes to keys. Whether they belong to a customer whose ride is sitting overnight for service or to one of the vehicles in the showroom, we don’t know why they aren’t stored in a highly secure vault. This is partly why thieves love breaking into dealerships during the middle of the night since they can easily take whatever they want.

Only these thieves didn’t find something specific they were after.

Image via KOCO 5 News/YouTube

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