Suspects Try Stealing Dealership’s Corvette In Broad Daylight

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Suspects Try Stealing Dealership’s Corvette In Broad Daylight
Suspects Try Stealing Dealership’s Corvette In Broad Daylight

As we’ve pointed out repeatedly, car theft and other crimes in Memphis, Tennessee are truly out of control. It’s almost like criminals there don’t fear getting caught, perhaps because many times they face few if any consequences. This was clearly demonstrated by two suspects brazenly trying to steal a Corvette at a dealership in broad daylight.

Woman’s stolen car gets auctioned off by police.

The incident in question went down on June 18, reports Action News 5, with surveillance cameras recording everything. Plus, there were employees around, but none of that seemed to be a deterrence.


The two men rolled onto the dealership lot in an Infiniti with a broken sunroof. We can guarantee that car was stolen. Many times, thieves will break the sunroof to gain entry, so that’s a dead giveaway. Also, thieves usually drive a stolen car to steal another.

They rolled through the lot until they came upon the Corvette. Instead of using finesse, they got out and just broke the sports car’s side window, then climbed inside and tried starting it. That’s brazen, especially in the daytime.

For whatever reason, the two criminal masterminds couldn’t get the Corvette started. They just simply crawled out through the broken window, got back in the Infiniti, and took off. Nobody tried stopping them, police weren’t there, they just got away clean.

One would hope with the surveillance footage police will catch these guys. They might, but there are so many cases like this in the city we wouldn’t count on it.

Even if they were tracked down, arrested, and charged, we would be willing to bet these two would face incredibly light consequences. Even if they stole the Corvette successfully, they might still be facing few consequences. That’s just the sad reality.

Image via Action 5 News

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