Suzuki Hayabusa Snow Bike Looks Wicked Fun

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Suzuki Hayabusa Snow Bike Looks Wicked Fun
Suzuki Hayabusa Snow Bike Looks Wicked Fun

Forget the snowmobile, this is the best way to speed around in the white stuff!

Some YouTubers decided to transform a 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa sport bike into a high-powered snow sled. As crazy as that sounds it works, but it’s still also crazy. To accomplish this takes a lot of jerry-rigging and ingenuity, making the process detailed in the video entertaining and interesting.

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If you don’t know, in 2005 the Hayabusa was Suzuki’s crown jewel as the world’s fastest production motorcycle. They’re stupid fast, like if you’re not an expert rider you’ll probably kill yourself trying to wrangle one. That makes Hayabusa engines popular for all kinds of builds, but this is the first snow bike conversion we’ve seen.

Going fast in snow is something most people only try doing when they have skis/snowboard strapped on or have just purchased an Audi with quattro all-wheel drive. Usually it’s a bad idea to rip through a snow landscape since a loss of traction can send you careening over a cliff, into a tree, etc. But this build works really well, although we think using it on public roads would be most unwise and might even be illegal, depending on where you live.


If you’re ever in the mood to see a completely insane build, Grind Hard Plumbing Co is a good place to look on YouTube. These guys come up with some absolutely crazy ideas, then find a way to make them reality. People with better sense have such things cross their minds and wisely choose to not pursue them. But these guys will build just about anything, no matter how dangerous or impractical. That’s why we love them.

Check out the video to see this snow bike in action.

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