This Swanky Hearse Lets You Give Up The Ghost In A Rolls Royce Ghost

A photo of a Rolls Royce Ghost hearse.
A photo of a Rolls Royce Ghost hearse.

Get me to the crypt on time.

When you’re dead, do you really care what car carries you to your final resting place? One Italian design firm is hoping that you do, as it’s just released its latest luxury hearse and oh boy is it a good final flex for anyone heading to the grave.

The company in question is hearse and limo builder Biemme Special Cars, which is based in Northern Italy and builds boujie funeral cars based on vehicles from Mercedes, Jaguar and even Maserati. Now, it’s got its hands on a Rolls Royce Ghost to create possibly the most extra hearse you can find.

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To show off those classy caskets as they’re whisked to their final resting place, the rear of the Ghoster is fitted with an illuminated deck that the coffin can sit on during its final journey. Around the deck, Biemme has also filled the space with all the luxury you’d expect from a Rolls Royce, including fabrics like silk and leather, as well as wood finishes and hand-stitched details that match the interior of the car up front.

Up front, there’s space for a driver and three passengers, who will all be surrounded in signature Rolls Royce niceties. Plus, there’s still the automaker’s signature hidden umbrella for funerals that get caught in a storm.

To make sure your journey to your final resting place is as smooth as possible, the Ghoster retains the V12 engine of the Ghost, which produces 570 hp and is paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. There’s no word on how the modifications have impacted the performance of the Ghost, but that motor should offer up enough grunt to get you to the crypt on time.

A photo of the Rolls Royce hearse with its doors open.
A photo of the Rolls Royce hearse with its doors open.

The only car where the trunk is as boujie as the passenger seats.

If you’re interested in riding in the Ghoster as your final journey on this earthly plane, then you’ll have to reach out to Biemme to find out the going rate for one of its luxury hearses, as the price is available on request only. And as is the case with most custom Rollers, if you have to ask there’s a good chance you can’t afford it.

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